For most industries that do not have IT as a core competency, the cloud revolution came as a welcome relief.

All the day to day hardware and maintenance headaches that one would face suddenly vanish.

And ESCS recognizes this value that a cloud based implementation adds to solution and knows how to leverage the scalability, security and availability features to maximize the ROI for such implementations.


The mobile phone has become THE single most important gadget in an individual’s day to day life.

This is not just true on a personal front but is also the case in your professional life.

The kind of solutions offered today via apps could not be even thought off a few years ago.

Be it Android or iOS, whether an internal implementation or for the masses, ESCS has the know-how, technical expertise and exposure to ensure success in mobility.


Today the work seems to be moving towards every aspect of your life being available via the Net.

From smart homes to smart cities, from vehicle tracking to surveillance, IoT seem inevitable.

And ESCS has already started gaining traction in this field.

With some at an R&D stage while others live and used by consumers, ESCS is ensuring it keeps its tradition of being in the
forefront of cutting edge tech.