LeadCRM is a cloud-based sales, marketing and customer service platform that helps insurance agencies nurture quality customer relationships

Today, who doesn’t want to build long-lasting customer relationships? In a field like insurance, customer relationship management matters as much as the products you sell and not having effective CRM is a great way to lose customers to competitors.

In a survey conducted by our team, we found that more than 90% of insurance intermediaries stated that ‘Service to the customer’ is the most important factor in retaining business.

Using orthodox forms of data storage like spreadsheets can be unnecessarily labour-intensive and highly time-consuming. It can also often lead to inefficiency, security breaches, and lags in data retrieval, which is the core cause of poor CRM. In this case, you may want to consider upgrading to a more advanced system that delivers solutions aimed at customer retention.

LeadCRM is a CRM software for insurance agents and brokers. It is a comprehensive insurance agency management system curated keeping in mind the requirements of individuals and SMEs. The software was perfected by experts after surveying and analysing the requirements of various insurance intermediaries and has been one of the leading insurance administration software solutions for 5 years.

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ETA - (Easy Test Automation)

Tools like Selenium and QTP enable test automation for applications. However scripts are difficult to write and require significant user expertise.

Easy Test Automation dramatically simplifies the script writing process by allowing users to write scripts in near plain English and automatically translating it into the code required by the applications.

Easy Test Automation is easy to use; even end users can generate automated User Acceptance test scripts with only minimal training.

Projects experience significant time line and cost reductions as a result of Easy Test Automation because lower skill testers can generate scripts and scripts are written as much as 60% more quickly. (ROI calculated in single digit weeks!)