The Indian government has taken a very conscious decision to move towards e-Governance.

The idea is to move the citizen from in line to on line.

And ESCS has been part of the biggest such implementations from the inception of the project.

We have valuable insight into the minute details of how the governing bodies work, their processes and the rules and regulations that guide them.

Port Operations

The stevedoring, chartering and logistics of bulk cargo involves the loading and unloading of bulk cargo from or to the mother vessel, and the delivery of the same to the required destination, either by rail or by road.

The operation involves variety of equipments such as mother vessel, barges, excavators, payloaders, dumpers, cranes, floating cranes.

ESCS has developed an end to end solution for one of the leaders in this segment and successfully implemented the solution across various public and private ports located on the West coast of India.


The pharma industry is held to very high standards and stringent scrutiny.

The governing authority needs a lot of documentation to ensure the processes set are followed.

ESCS has worked for such a company that guides the bigwigs in the Pharma Industry to comply with them.

We have also developed solutions to project costs for the drugs being developed based on various parameters.


The transport industry is a vast and dynamic vertical. From public transport to movement of goods, there are multiple facets like fleet management, ticketing, stores and inventory, vehicle tracking, fuel management etc. that need to be covered.

ESCS has been part of some of the biggest and most complicated implementations and hence have the business knowledge to implement the right solution for a small player or a government transport authority.

Health Care

Heath Care is a very complicated process.

ESCS has implemented solutions from both the providers' and receivers' perspective.

This constitutes the entire cycle from scheduling appointments, co-ordination, getting the digitized results and taking coverage into account.

We have also productised this solution for the client such that anybody can avail of these services and not only corporate clients, moving from B2B to B2C.


ESCS is well versed with every aspect of Insurance as a domain. We have implemented and productised solutions for it.

The entire policy cycle from quotation to claim and renewal along with the variations that come with it for different types of insurance needs understanding and prior experience

At ESCS, the team is well equipped with this knowledge as many of its members have rich prior experience in this domain.